Jun 30, 2010

Artist Research Project

Here is an artist research assignment I had my students do. (On the worksheet I had included pictures of the artists self portraits, but I couldn't cut and paste it...) It can be left as a worksheet, or I have also used these same questions as a guide for students to use for a powerpoint project. With the powerpoint research project, they had to put the answer to each question on a slide.

Self Portrait Artist Research
Working by yourself, choose one self portrait artist from the following list and answer each question about the artist on the following page.

Choose from the following artists:
Chuck Close Rembrandt Vincent Van Gogh Francis Bacon
Frida Kahlo PabloPicasso Andy Warhol Albrecht Durer
Max Beckman Yasumasa Morimura Lukas Samaras

Do a google search in google images for the artist to get an idea of what their art typically looked like.

You can use one of these sites as references, or use other sources:

For quotes try using

Answer in Complete Sentences and In your own words
1. Where is this artist from originally, and where did they live for most of their life?
2. What kind of work is this artist known for making? What style of art do they make, and what art movement are/were they a part of?

3. Describe how they portray themselves in their selfportaits in your own words- (What kind of images do they use? Are they realistic? Are they highly stylized? What kinds of colours do they use? Are they paintings, drawings, or photos? Are they serious or is it lighthearted or funny?)

4. What has the artist said about the art they create?(find a quote by the artist about art).

5. Describe something about your artist’s life (Examples include: were they married, were they friends with other artists, did anything significant happen to them throughout their lives such as an accident, or were they recognized in any significant way for their art?

6. What is something that you found surprising about this artist?
7. List your references or where you found your information.

*With this rubric, students were expected to create at least 8 slides.
Powerpoint Artist Research Project Evaluation

Use of Information: Point form. Appropriate amount of information. Used own words. Answered each question appropriately( 2 marks per slide). Slides show a general knowledge of the artist. Sources cited.
/2 /2 /2 /2 /2 /2 /2 /2

Use of pictures: Used at least 5 pictures throughout or more.
1 2 3 4 5

Layout and General Presentation-Images and text are displayed in a way that is appealing and makes sense. Powerpoint features were used to enhance information and images. Logical flow to each slide. Consistent layout, fonts, texts, etc.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Total: /28

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