May 5, 2010

Rationale for this Blog

I decided to start this blog because I commonly do Internet searches for ideas for teaching art classes, and decided that I should be sharing my projects and ideas too. As well, I have moments from time to time where a student makes something great, or comments, or discovers something, and only other art teachers out there would be able to relate to.
An example of this was yesterday when giving a student an online research handout. He was to choose a self portrait artist and answer questions about the artist. Choosing from a list of thumbnail images, the student chose Chuck Close because as he said, "He looks like a Hobo." He was referring to the large black and white Chuck Close portrait. I told him very briefly about Close's portraits, and the student went on the computer, and then exclaimed from the wikipedia site, "Whoa his paintings really are Huge!!" Somehow this was a satisfying moment for me to have a student make discoveries about a recognized artist. Then as he took closer looks at the varieties of Close portraits, it was a nice moment to have students learning about art.
I teach a new art program to somewhat remote schools that either do not offer art normally, or if it is offered, someone without a background in art is teaching it. I teach high school art at three different schools, meaning that my students only have art classes either once a week or once every two weeks. Given the limitations of the frequency of art education within this division, I am excited that with the limited time I have with them I can promote and help to create enthusiasm for art.

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