May 6, 2010

Trials and Tribulations

Yesterday had me setting up a display of student work in a cabinet in the school hallway. I was nearly finished setting it up, and was thinking to myself about how great all the art looked. There were sculptures, self portraits, human rights paintings, and a self portrait symbolism project. It probably took me about an hour to label everything, put the shelf up to hold the work and get everything just so. Then suddenly as I was about to slide the glass doors shut and lock it up in satisfaction, there was a huge CRASH as the glass shelf collapsed off of the hooks, SMASHED into pieces and landed on my student's sculptures. Now not only was my display ruined, but the sculptures were broken and there was broken glass everywhere. Administration as well as a few other people came out from wherever they were to see what the crash was all about, to find me staring devastatingly at the destruction that had just occurred.
We got it all cleaned up, and the sculptures weren't as injured as I thought they were, but I had to spend a little time to mend them, and you can barely tell they were damaged(thankfully!). All paintings looked like they survived ok as well. Now on Tuesday I have to start again with the display and this time try again to properly put the glass shelf up on the rungs.

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